27 September, 2013 14:01

First day is in the book. 365 miles completed. Plans were to leave at 12:00am, but we actually left about 11:45pm. Scott said a quick prayer for safety before heading out on Ft. Macon Rd toward Emerald Isle. We were alone until Jacksonville NC where we had a police escort blocking traffic for us through all intersections. Thanks to Ron at Computer Geeks for getting the tracking devices set up so you all can track our position live. Also, thanks to Sgt Williams and Sgt Peters for arranging an escort through Jax and Officer Smallwood for the safe travels through a busy city. Soon after leaving Jacksonville we ran into rain….and rain….and more rain. He was soaked. He went through three sets of shoes, shirts, and socks. After hours of rain, the clouds finally moved out and we were able to enjoy a clear afternoon and night. By the way, if any of you decide to bike west bound in SC…..don’t. We worked hard to find him a good route but always seemed to be heading in a terrible direction. Finally, after 21 hours of peddling, we arrived at the extravagant Executive Inn in Allendale SC at 8:45 pm.

Our goal is to keep Dr. Ross at his same body weight throughout the trip. So, we are constantly feeding him (Thanks Ms Julia) Nemon Marcus Bars , honey buns, cheese danish, and PB&J’s with a LOT of Gatorade. First day he had approximately 8,000 calories. While that sounds like a lot, it’s actually below his target amount.

During the whole first day of his ride, we remained 20 – 30 yards behind him. We have an amber strobe light on top with a big bright sign on the back of the bike rack. He remains safe thanks to all of the equipment.

As we hand Dr. Ross drinks and food out of a moving vehicle the one thing that he is CONSTANTLY saying, “Colt, Scott – Tell me some good news. Has anyone posted any encouraging words? Has anyone donated? Please tell me something good!!!” So for those who care, please post, comment on his instagram, facebook whatever you can find. We promise to get the messages to him. That seems to be the fuel that keeps him going.

Sorry if these writings are choppy and plagued with misspellings and horrendous grammatical errors. No time to proof read.

With a demanding schedule and the priority of Dr. Ross’ safety we may be able to post again tonight, but it may be tomorrow morning.

Thanks for reading!

Colt and Scott

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