The journey doesn’t end here

Well He did it. Greenville to Key West in 4 days. I plead you…
April 26, 2015/by James M

26 April, 2015 04:43

Dr Ross told me this morning that he was so tired when we got…
April 26, 2015/by James M

last day

We're in striking distance. After a 260 ride yesterday, Dr. Ross…
April 26, 2015/by James M

Day 3.

Last night Dr Ross told me to call him at 4:15 am so we can get…
April 25, 2015/by webdesigner

End of day two

First off I would just like to say, these hotels probably think…
April 24, 2015/by James M

Day two update

As Johnny cash once said "iiii'mmm goi to jackson".…
April 24, 2015/by James M

“Georgia on his Mind”

Just that old sweet road keeps Georgia on his mind. If you have…
April 24, 2015/by James M

End Of Day 1

Awesome first day. We find ourselves in the small town of Walterboro,…
April 23, 2015/by webdesigner

Key West Journey Begins…

First blog of the trip! everything is going wonderfully. Dr Ross…
April 23, 2015/by James M

Wreck Details

Hey everyone its you know by now the trip was cut short by a scary accident on a very LONG, STRAIGHT, 4 lane highway in a very ISOLATED part of the Arizona desert.
October 4, 2013/by Dennis Ross

End of the Ride

We are sorry to report that the ride has been called off due…
October 3, 2013/by Trent

Day 6 Recap

Dennis is doing quite well; he is handling temperature ranges from 45 in the mornings to 95 at midday. Not even the rough Texas roads can stop him...
October 2, 2013/by Trent

Day 5 Wrap Up

Road surface conditions continued to be poor throughout the day. Dr. Ross discovered that the GPS on his bike was not working so we are no longer able to give exact mileage...
October 1, 2013/by Dennis Ross

Day 4 in the Books!

Day four is in the books. Unfortunately the Flat Land didn't help as much as we thought it would because Dr. Ross soon realized that another state actually had worse road surface conditions than Mississippi; LOUISIANA!
September 30, 2013/by Scott and Colt

Day 4 Underway!

Well things have settled down a bit so we decided to give everyone a quick update. Dr. Ross left Brandon, Mississippi at 3:30 a.m...
September 29, 2013/by Dennis Ross

Day 2 and most of Day 3

Day two started out with great weather and food options; two things that were terrible the first day. We were on the road by 2:00am leaving Allendale SC...
September 29, 2013/by Colt

27 September, 2013 14:01

First day is in the book. 365 miles completed. Plans were to leave at 12:00am, but we actually left about 11:45pm...
September 27, 2013/by Dennis Ross




1 1/2 years of training....av 450-600 miles…
September 24, 2013/by Dennis Ross
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