Day 2 and most of Day 3

Day two started out with great weather and food options; two things that were terrible the first day. We were on the road by 2:00am leaving Allendale SC. We almost immediately crossed into Georgia. Dr. Ross started off the morning feeling sick but after a Hardee’s sausage egg and cheese biscuit with sweet tea he felt great! That’s not the only fast food he loves while biking; he loves a McDonald’s double cheese burger with a chocolate milk shake.Trivia question: How many hills are in Georgia? If you guessed 10,000 then you are correct!

Dr. Ross pedaled up and down every single one. Well, maybe not all of them but if you asked him he would tell you it felt like it. Dr. Ross says that trekking up all of these hills is called “climbing.” And boy did he climb all day and night. The downer about the hills…we didn’t know they were there. So, during Dr. Ross’ planning, he anticipated 16-18 average mph but was only able to get 14-16mph. That might not sound like a significant difference but actually comes out to about 60 miles per day that we’ve not gained. The day was not too eventful outside of watching a 52 year old man grind out 300 miles on his bike in just under 20 hours. It’s remarkable to just think about that for a minute but getting to witness it is something we will never forget. Getting yourself in condition to even attempt what Dr. Ross is doing is clearly not all that is involved. This is a man that is mentally determined to finish this challenge and finish it well.

Dr. Ross got through Georgia and entered Alabama completing day two with 300 miles for a total of 665 through day two.

Day 3

After about 4 hours of sleep Dr. Ross began Day 3 at 4:00 am from Tuskegee, Alabama
and it’s not over yet (at 7:12 p.m. eastern time). We crossed into Mississippi earlier today and Dr. Ross has peddled 241 miles so far and just told us that he plans to ride until 12:00 midnight. That should put us somewhere on the other side of Jackson, Mississippi for the night. Side note….Dr. Ross just caught a glimpse of the Golden Arches in his peripheral vision and ordered another double cheeseburger and chocolate milkshake. We are on our way! More fuel for Dr. Ross and another chance for us to add some extra calories that will take weeks to work off! The hills were a little smaller today but still took their toll. However, Dr. Ross is determined and keeps cranking the miles. Please keep up with us on and keep the donations, words of encouragement and prayers coming. One note about the tracker……the mileage is not correct. We will try to keep you updated on the mileage as best we can.

Last night before Dr. Ross went to bed and throughout today, we were able to read him a couple of posts from yesterday’s blog. He loved them all and wanted us to tell everyone thank you. He also wants everyone to know that the support means a lot and he looks forward to hearing more. We hope to post a video blog with him one night after a ride but it may be too difficult. Once his ride is over, it is a rat race to get him his vitamins, pillow, clean clothes for the next day, have his breakfast ready with a drink and get him in bed to rest. We will try to get another blog out tomorrow afternoon or evening. Thanks to all of you.

Update on Day 3

Well the plans to ride until midnight changed around 9:45 last night when Dr. Ross decided it was time to get some much needed rest. We were extremely happy to hear him say that! Brandon, Mississippi was the stopping point for day 3 in which Dr. Ross peddled a total of 290 miles over a continuously hilly terrain. Dr. Ross had a nice surprise as he entered the town of Brandon. The Dunmire Family (Kevin, Beth, Alex, and Emily) came out with signs and wearing Braces by Ross teeshirts to cheer and offer their support. Beth and Kevin also helped us with navigation around the Jackson area. So a great big THANK YOU goes out to the Dunmire Family! After a quick visit and a few pictures we were off to the hotel for a few hours of rest.

Colt and Scott


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  1. Rene Lee-Bryan
    Rene Lee-Bryan says:

    What a wonderful thing you are doing to help those in need. Thank you for helping the community and best of luck to you on your journey to the keys!

  2. Randy Fussell
    Randy Fussell says:

    Keep going strong Dennis! Praying for your (and your team's) continued strength and safety! God is good,and He is smiling!

  3. Melanie Vanderhorst
    Melanie Vanderhorst says:

    Peddling with a passion and a purpose! Keeping you and your team lifted! Keep those calories up because you are amazing through them. We just cannot even imagine what your body is enduring but being a family of athletes we think it is awesome that you have a hold of your mental toughness and are pushing it to the limit! You can do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength! Keep peddling!

  4. Melanie Vanderhorst
    Melanie Vanderhorst says:

    Previous comment should not say “keep the calories up because you are amazing through them” but should say “keep the calories up because you are blasting through them”!


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