Day 4 in the Books!

Day four is in the books. Unfortunately the Flat Land didn’t help as much as we thought it would because Dr. Ross soon realized that another state actually had worse road surface conditions than Mississippi; LOUISIANA! If you have been checking out the Instagram feed you know exactly what we are talking about. The roads got worse and worse and when the surface improved the hills appeared and the rain came. Dr. Ross has faced so many unexpected challenges so far. You expect the rain and maybe the wind blowing in your direction; but the route he is taking has been brutal. The unexpected hills (so early), alternate routes, and awful road conditions have all taken their toll but Dr. Ross has met each challenge head on and prevailed.

Once he entered the state of Texas the roads improved dramatically, the rain subsided and he made great time for the last 4 hours of the day. He crossed the entire state of Louisiana in one day and finished up with 301 miles in 20 hours of riding for a total of 1256 MILES in four days! Totally amazing! Make no doubt about it, what Dr. Ross is doing is Extreme. We have not been very good at really describing what has happened over the last 4 days and a few details have been left out on purpose. We will let Dr. Ross do this in true Dr. Ross form when he returns to Greenville (as we all know he will…ha). What we can tell you is that what we have witnessed is something that very few people have had the opportunity to witness in their lifetime.

Day 5 is underway as of about 5:20 am eastern time. After only 4 hours of sleep, Dr. Ross is on his way to Dallas/Fort Worth and beyond. Today is transition day meaning that we will be flying home and a new support crew will be coming in. This means that Dr. Ross will be on his own for a few hours during the transition. Keep the prayers and support coming! Trent and Stephen will take it from here.

Scott and Colt

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