End Of Day 1

Awesome first day. We find ourselves in the small town of Walterboro, South Carolina. Chris and I have tucked Dr. Ross in, with one more chocolate milkshake, deservingly so after being on the bike for 18 hours. Overall the day went smoothly, the biggest obstacle for Dr. Ross was the headwind he faced throughout the day. For those of you that we’re having trouble seeing Dr. Ross on the online tracker, I apologize! We experienced a lot of bad cell reception later in the day that prevented the tracker from working properly. The term “off the beaten path” was taken quite literally as Dr. Ross navigated through the back roads of South Carolina. For those wondering the final milage of Dr. Ross’s first day on his journey, he logged an astonishing 335 miles. Take a moment to let that sink in. 335!! His Garmin GPS seemed very confused by such large numbers and couldn’t seem to comprehend calories after Dr. ross burned his 10,000th….

We leave tomorrow morning at 3 am!!! Keep up with Dr. Ross’s trip an always keep in mind that this trip is to benefit all those young men and woman apart of the Boys & Girls Club!


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