End of day two

First off I would just like to say, these hotels probably think we’re nuts with the wake up calls that we’re requesting. Last night it was 2:45 and tomorrows’ wake up will be at 4am (doc wanted to sleep in a little). We’re currently residing in Palm Coast, which is south of St. Augustine Florida. Dr. Ross decided to sneak a cool 300 miles in today to top off the 330 he did yesterday. Georgia was incredible! Such a gorgeous state. Great roads and awesome scenery. The only problem was McDonalds was unable to make cheeseburgers at 9:30 am and they were out of chocolate milkshakes (how dare they!?).
After crossing into Florida the congestion and traffic grew. Luckily on almost every Florida road there is a designated bike lane! Thank you Flordia state goverment dept. of transportation. You must have known that someday a goofy orthodontist from North Carolina was going to pass through on his way to Key West redefining the definition of endurance.

Keep up with us tomorrow!


Ps- I almost forgot. 1 teenie tiny hiccup in Florida. Chris and I lost Dr. Ross in a congested area near Jacksonville and he did not have his phone. We had no idea how we were going to find him and had no way to contact him. We were very close taking out a missing persons add on the back of a milk carton when I got a call from an unknown Florida number. In true Dr. Ross fashion he made a friend with a young man playing basketball in his driveway and was able to borrow his phone and make contact with me. Crisis avoided. And thank you Good Samaritan of Jacksonville. Your good deed will not be forgotten

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