• 1 1/2 years of training….av 450-600 miles a week
  • Airline tickets….2 into Dallas…2 out of Dallas home…3 out of San Diego to Greenville
  • Rental suburban ( leaving in San Diego…not biking home)
  • Safety equipment for support suburban ( safety lights, kinda like wrecker truck lights on top…reflectors and biker ahead signs)
  • Maps……i know every east to west road in the Southern US
  • Weather……heat 110 in desert…snowing and cold in the Rockies…humidity…THE WORST IS WIND
  • Medications…advil..altitude sickness meds (Rockies pass is 9000 feet)..bandaids…lotions for saddlesores..cold meds…IMMODIUM
  • Night time practice rides in Pactolus/Bradford Creek ( 1/3 of our travel will be in darkness) there are only 12 hours of daylight and i will bike 18-20 hrs/day
  • Endurance….tour de france ( 2000 miles in 3 weeks) our ride (3000 miles in 2 weeks)
  • Diet…..14,000-17,000 calories a day….5-9 gallons of liquid a day
  • Parts for bike repair……Suburban repair
  • Laundry detergent….and a lot of quarters
  • Donors….fund raising…lots of calls for monetary support for the kids who need us the most
  • Having all bills paid in advance so the water , electricity aren’t turned off and house isn’t foreclosed on while gone (have blocked off 3 weeks to complete ride)
  • Missing family, friends, girlfriend , coworkers
  • Bike safety equipment ( reflectors, garmin, spare parts)
  • Biking laws in 10 states
  • Packing clothes for trip
  • Biking apparel..pants,shirts,socks,shoes,helmet,gloves,garmin watch,sunglasses (bifocal), ipod, phone2 camelbacks for gatorades ( refilled about 70x a day) heart rate monitor
  • Towels and raingear
  • Hotel rooms 3 guys x 14 nights= 42 hotels rooms


This concludes the first of 10 pages of preparation but you get the idea
LETS RIDE FOR THE KIDS>>>>> they deserve the same chance that we all got…….you cant choose your parents…..Dennis

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