The journey doesn’t end here

Well He did it. Greenville to Key West in 4 days. I plead you to take a moment to try and fathom the difficulty of this unbelievable accomplishment. The mental and physical toughness that Dr. Ross has is unparallel to anything I have ever witnessed. From heavy traffic, to bumpy roads, to that darn headwind we fought for most of the trip, Chris and I feel extremely blessed to be able to witness this amazing feat first hand. As Chris said about Dr. Ross multiple times throughout this adventure, “man this guy is tough as nails.” He is absolutely right. And to think the 1127 mile bike trip isn’t even the most impressive thing about this trip. The most impressive accomplishment is raising close to $70,000 (and still rising!!) for the Boys & Girls club. Everyone out there reading this knows that Dr Ross’s spirit is intoxicating. He seems to lift everyone up around him to a happier state of mind. And this philanthropist thinks about the well being of everyone before himself. Truly and inspiration and a wonderful person, friend, father, boss, and role model. Hopefully everyone enjoyed following him on his trip!

A heart-felt thank you to everyone that supported Dr. Ross in his efforts to raise money for the Boys & Girls club. Your donations have a huge impact on the well- being of the youth in our area. We could not have done it without you. The blog post is called “the journey doesn’t end here” because even though he finished his journey to key west, we should all continue to help people in any way we can!

Also Dr. Ross could not be happier with all the support on social media and through texts and phone calls. We have relayed all messages from friends & family throughout the trip . We can tell you, those messages of support and concern have given him more energy and motivation than any sports drink or food could have.

– this blog was brought to you by the stud muffins James & Chris who navigated and escorted the Doc down to Key West and had an absolute blast doing it.

A small anecdote from our trip:
We ran into some of Dr. Ross’s friends in Florida and of course they were astonished by his trip and his cause for the Boys and Girls Club. This couple was so inspired that they recently started getting involved with their food bank and feeding food insecure youth kids in their area. That gave me chills!!! To know that Dr Ross’s efforts are inspiring people all over to help those that need it. This guy continues to astonish me..

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